Many complex factors such as genetics and biology, the environment, and individual behaviors can contribute to excess weight.  To understand the unique components for your child, our team will perform a comprehensive assessment and work to develop a personalized treatment plan based on your child’s needs.

Our Services Include:

Nutrition Services

  • Our dietitian will examine lifestyle, eating habits, and medical issues to help children and adolescents make a healthy change for life.

Physical Activity

  • We will help develop an activity or exercise plan that is tailored to the child and family. It may offer consultation with physical therapy, personal training, or our award-winning ENERGIZE! program.

Behavior Management

  • Discover obstacles that may be leading to bad habits and learn strategies for managing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

  • Our surgical weight loss program is for physically mature adolescents with a BMI of 40 kg/m2 or above who have failed medical weight management. Patients may enter this program at age 17 with surgical interventions taking place at age 18 and beyond. Learn more about adolescent weight loss surgery.

Lipid Management

  • If your child is participating in the Pediatric Weight Management Program, the physicians will manage the cholesterol within the program.
  • If your child is NOT participating in the Pediatric Weight Management Program, then the Pediatric Lipid Program can manage your child's cholesterol.
  • Our lipid disorder speciality physician and dietitian work together to create a personalized treatment plan for children and adolescents who have high levels of lipids (cholesterol, fat) in their blood.

Learn more about our Pediatric Lipid Program.

What to Expect from Your Child's First Visit

Your child’s first appointment will include a one-hour medical evaluation and dietary evaluation by one of our board certified pediatric weight management physicians or pediatric nurse practitioner and a dietitian.

During this time, we will collect blood samples via a finger-stick to check your child's blood sugar if not already done by your pediatrician. Then, patients will meet with the physician to:

  • Review lab work
  • Address weight related health conditions
  • Review weight management options
  • Formulate an overall weight management plan

Our dietitians will guide your family in setting a few dietary or physical activitiy goals to get your family started immediately on making healthy lifestyle changes together. Your visig will last approximately 2 hours. If the dietitian is not available on the first visit, then your visit will last approximately 1 hour with the medical provider, and you will meet with the dietitian at a subsequent visit.

Intensive Weight Management Options for High Risk Teens

Teenagers who are at high risk for health complications may also have more intensive weight management options, such as:

  • Calorie counting
  • Meal replacements
  • Weight loss medications, or
  • Bariatric surgery

Developing an Individualized Plan for Your Child

After the initial visit, we will develop an individualized, family-based plan that may include additional visits with our clinical dietitian, psychologist and ongoing follow up with our board-certified pediatrician who will manage your child’s care. Our psychologist will work with patients and families to address common behavioral health issues related to excess weight, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Emotional eating patterns

Most families will follow up every month with at least one clinical provider. Your family will also be invited to participate in our ENERGIZE! program - a group healthy lifestyle program including fun interactive group education about nutrition, physical activity and health behaviors as well as the opportunity to participate in family fitness activities and learn more about ways to be active.

You can schedule an appointment by contacting us directly or through a referral from your child's pediatrician by calling: 919-235-6439.