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Advanced Technology in the Spinal Cord Injury Program

Spinal Cord Advanced Tech

Several premier biomedical technology companies have partnered with the WakeMed Spinal Cord Injury Program — based on the expertise of our therapists and reputation — to offer highly advanced therapeutic equipment. The technology available at WakeMed helps patients regain their strength, reduce pain and enjoy the benefits (both physical and emotional) of being upright. Some of the equipment and technology patients may experience during their stay include:

  • The Vector Gait & Safety System — Helps support the patient's weight allowing them to work on walking without the fear of falling. WakeMed was just the third hospital in the United States to bring this technology to patients.
  • RT300 Functional Electrical Stimulation Cycle — Stimulates weak or paralyzed muscles
  • FSA Pressure Mapping System - Improves pressure distribution in sitting
  • Bioness L300 — Duel stimulation technology to help improve thigh function and foot drop
  • Bioness L300 Plus — Electrical stimulation to increase thigh strength
  • Bioness H200 — Electrical stimulation to increase hand functionality
  • Robotic Walking Program with EksoTM technology