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Robotic Walking Rehabilitation Program

Robotic WalkingRobotic Walking Rehabilitation Program
EksoGT™ is the first robotic exoskeleton to be granted clearance by the FDA as a form of rehabilitation for people who have suffered strokes or spinal cord injuries (at levels T3 to C7 (ASIA D)).  EksoGT promotes better outcomes by helping qualifying patients with spinal cord injuries enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of being vertical and promoting mobility sooner in stroke patients.  WakeMed physical therapists were specially selected to train and perform Ekso therapy. 

How Does EksoGT Work?
EksoGT is an adjustable portable, battery powered bionic exoskeleton.  Working in conjunction with a therapist and the patient, EksoGT can provide total assistance, variable assistance, single leg assistance and single leg variable assistance.  The patient can use the strength they have to walk, while EksoGT guides them through a normal movement path and assists with motion the patient cannot generate.  EksoGT uses a normal movement pattern which reinforces normal movement.  The physical therapist can operate EksoGT with a remote control as the patient walks with the use of crutches or a walker, teaching the patient when to take a step, how to position his/her body and how to shift his/her weight.

I Want to Try EksoGT!
Call WakeMed Outpatient Rehabilitation at the Raleigh Campus at 919-350-8347 to schedule a telephone screening to see if you qualify.

Robotic Walking device