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Beyond WakeMed Walls

Whether they are partnering with area organizations or simply visiting patients in their work and home environments, WakeMed Rehabilitation’s speech, occupational, physical and recreational therapists are taking their skills outside WakeMed facilities to tailor their services to better meet the real-life needs of patients. By seeing patients in their “world”, therapists can have an even greater influence on their safe, successful return to life.

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WakeMed Rehabilitation & Learning Services

WakeMed Rehabilitation is pleased to help support Learning Service’s outstanding 25+- year mission of high-quality care for acquired brain injury patients in Raleigh, Durham and Creedmoor, NC. A national organization, Learning Services’ three local facilities and staff provide post-acute neuro-rehabilitation, neurobehavioral rehabilitation, day treatment and supported living services in residential environments. WakeMed Rehabilitation physical, occupational and speech therapists provide services to patients and participate in weekly care team meetings to help ensure efficiency and coordination of care.

“The Learning Services/WakeMed Rehab partnership is a great experience,” says Leila Wheeler, program manager of Learning Services-Creedmoor and financial coordinator for therapy services. “WakeMed’s therapists provide impeccable service to our clients with both vigor and grace. All of our clients who have worked with WakeMed Rehab therapists have made progress.”

The support and therapy provided by WakeMed therapists and Learning Services professionals are also much appreciated by family members and guardians of clients. “The quality of life and the safety of patients with traumatic brain injuries are so dependent on the physical and mental therapies they receive,” says Fran Ladd, guardian of a Learning Services client. “It has been almost three years since Jon’s accident. The case manager and staff at Learning Services recognized that Jon needed to continue therapy. The therapists working with Jon are from WakeMed. I have already seen much improvement in his balance and gait. Jon is a fall risk and I now feel much more comfortable walking with him. His speech is improving and that adds to the quality of our visits and less frustration when he can’t make himself understood. I am so thankful for all they are doing. Their compassion as they work with Jon makes him feel really good about himself!”

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