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Frequently Asked Questions

WakeMed Rehabilitation Admissions team members welcome your questions about an inpatient stay for stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, orthopaedic issues, pediatric rehab and more.  Please call WakeMed Rehab Admissions at 919-350-7876. 

The following are questions the Admissions team often receives from patients and family members.

Can we tour WakeMed Rehab?
Yes, please call us at 919-350-7876 to arrange a tour.  We do not have a virtual tour available on our website just yet.

Do we have private rooms?
We have a limited number of private rooms.  Patients are assigned to private rooms based on medical need.

Do the rooms have Wi-fi?

Can I stay with my family member in the Rehab Hospital?
Arrangements can be made for one family member to stay with a patient overnight if the care team feels it would be beneficial for the patient.

Can we bring in food for our family member?
If the patient is not on a special diet, then absolutely!  Food will be labeled, dated and placed in a refrigerator on the Rehab nursing unit.

If I do not qualify for care at WakeMed Rehab Hospital, can I appeal the decision or be re-evaluated?
We are always willing to re-evaluate a patient at a later date to determine if they meet the criteria for an inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF) like the WakeMed Rehabilitation Hospital.  We understand that a patient’s medical status and functional status can change.

Will the doctor see me every day?
A physician who specializes in rehabilitative medicine is called a physiatrist.  A physiatrist will see you daily.  They will also collaborate with other physician specialists, such as neurologists, neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons, on your behalf.

Do I need to bring in my medicine?
No, the WakeMed Pharmacy will provide all of your medications.  They will be given to you on a schedule by your nurse.

Is there a private dining room?
Yes, we do have a private dining and it can be reserved for special occasions.  Speak to the charge nurse if you would like to reserve it.

Do I need to bring money?
WakeMed will provide all of your meals and medications.  Snacks are also available on the nursing unit.  A gift shop, Panera Bread and a cafeteria are located at WakeMed. Some patients enjoy shopping or having a special meal in the restaurant or cafeteria.

Can my family member come to therapy with me?
The care team will arrange a family training day close to your hospital discharge date.  During the family training day, your family member will be able to participate in all of your therapy sessions and get the valuable training he/she needs to help care for you at home.  If a family member prefers to observe you in therapy before the training day, additional family training or observation sessions can be arranged with the care team.

Can my pet visit me in the hospital?
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the hospital.  However, WakeMed has a spacious outdoor courtyard.  Some family members arrange to bring well-behaved pets to visit with patients in the courtyard when they are not in therapy or receiving medical treatment.

Can a child/infant visit me?
Healthy children of all ages are welcome to visit with patients as long as their visit is considered beneficial for the patient.  All visitors – children and adults – who visit patients should be healthy (no contagious illness like influenza, a cold or a stomach virus).  An adult family member must accompany children.  It is a good idea for an adult family member to talk to the child about what he/she will see at the hospital, particularly If your physical appearance has changed a lot, or you are using special equipment.

Do visitors pay for parking?
Yes.  All-day and multi-day passes are available.  Please call 919-350-8000 and ask to speak with Campus Police to determine parking fees, particularly if you anticipate that your family member will be in the Rehab Hospital for more than 7 days.

Does WakeMed Rehab take patients on ventilators?
We do take patients who have tracheostomies, but we do not take patients on ventilators.  We recommend a long-term acute care hospital for patients on ventilators. Once weaned from the ventilator, the facility can refer a patient to WakeMed Rehab.

Does WakeMed Rehab take patients from nursing homes?
We are happy to evaluate patients who are in nursing homes to determine if they qualify for the WakeMed Rehab Hospital.  Patients must be able to participate in at least 3 hours of therapy a day and have a qualifying rehab diagnosis as well as a discharge plan to home or a community setting. 

Does WakeMed Rehab take patients from home?
We ask that patients at home make an appointment for an evaluation with a physiatrist with Carolina Rehabilitation Associates by calling 919-350-8779.

Does WakeMed Rehab take patients with out-of-state Medicaid?
Out-of-state Medicaid does not pay for services in North Carolina.

Does WakeMed Rehab take patients with Tricare Insurance (primary)?
We accept patients with Tricare Standard, but we do not take patients with Tricare Prime coverage.

Does WakeMed Rehab take patients on IV antibiotics for several weeks?
Yes we can, but it is likely that the patient will not need inpatient rehabilitation care for the entire time.  Once they complete their rehab program, they will be discharged home where they can complete their antibiotics.  The patient’s case manager may discuss home health options if the service is deemed necessary.

I had a single joint replacement procedure, and I would like to go to the WakeMed Rehab Hospital for care.  Do I qualify?
Unfortunately, a patient with a single joint replacement generally does not qualify for the level of care provided at WakeMed Rehab Hospital.

Is this the number I contact for WakeMed Wound Care?
The number for WakeMed Wound Care is 919-350-4515.

I have a friend/family member at another hospital and I want to have him/her transferred to WakeMed Rehab Hospital.  What do I need to do?
Contact the patient’s case manager and have them call WakeMed Rehab Admissions at 919-350-7876. 

Do you offer drug/alcohol rehabilitation?
We do not.

Does WakeMed Rehab take patients who have been non-weight bearing for several weeks?
We welcome a referral, so we can fully evaluate the patient.  Patients must be able to tolerate 3 hours of therapy a day.

Does WakeMed take patients who require radiation therapy or chemotherapy?
We welcome a referral, so we can fully evaluate the patient.  Patients must be able to tolerate 3 hours of therapy a day.