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REACH Program

REACH is a program designed to meet identified needs in our community to address areas of Recreation, Education, Advocacy, Community Outreach and Health.  The primary customer groups for these programs include graduates of rehab and Healthworks, persons with activity limitations and persons with applicable educational needs within our community.

All REACH programs will follow applicable policies and procedures of WakeMed Rehab including confidentiality, emergency situations and safety and security.  The Rehab Hospital Therapeutic Recreation department provides oversight of the REACH programs

REACH programs currently include:

Club Reach is a twice a week membership program designed to provide participants an opportunity for recreation, leisure and fitness.  Club Reach is directed toward individuals who have incurred loss of some physical functioning through illness, injury or disease process and who also want to engage in social activities. The program does not have a medical or clinical component but does provide a structured schedule of leisure/recreational activities.  Each member must be medically stable and able to self manage personal needs including medications and toileting. Membership in this program would benefit those individuals that currently experience some degree of social/recreation isolation. A membership fee is required for participation in this program. The program will follow the applicable WakeMed Rehab and Healthworks policies and procedures. 

Wellness Promotion
The REACH program promotes wellness via direct provision of activities such as adaptive yoga, zumba, mindfulness, and adaptive sports and through conncetions with local resources and programing such as ReGain, Energize, and Healthworks adaptive fitness. 

Community Accessibility and Involvement Facilitation
REACH program strives to serve as a bridge to purposeful and fulfilling community involvement such as pursuit of leisure activites or volunteer opportunities.

Community Events

Special community events are scheduled throughout the year to meet specific community needs.  These events may include sports expos, health fairs, recreation clinics such as golfing, fishing, etc., educational seminars, and fitness opportunities.

Advocacy and Shareholder Input

Community advisory ad hoc group meetings are held with a mission of gathering input and feedback from the community and persons served on programs and services that WakeMed Rehab, Healthworks and REACH can address or respond to.  The advisory group includes consumers, service representatives and community resources that are interested in enhancing the lives of people with disabilities who live within our service area. 

For more information about services offered through WakeMed Rehab, please call 919-350-7876