Pre-Op Visit

Your surgeon may schedule a pre-op visit for you one to 30 days prior to your surgery. This visit will take place at Raleigh Medical Park, 23 Sunnybrook Road, Raleigh. Most outpatient surgeries require preoperative testing such as blood and urine tests. Some require chest X-rays or electrocardiograms (ECGs). You may have these tests completed within 30 days before your surgery. Some procedures, like total joint replacement, may require that you have your testing done within three days of your surgery.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your pre-op appointment. Allow up to two hours for the pre-op visit and lab studies. During your scheduled pre-op visit, you will meet with the pre-op teaching nurse. Always bring any medicine you are taking to the pre-op visit. It is not necessary for you to fast before your pre-op visit, unless your physician requires you to do so.

If you are scheduled to have local anesthesia prior to your procedure, you do not need to schedule a preop visit. Local anesthesia allows you to be awake during the procedure.

If you have had a chest X-ray, ECG, stress test or heart catheterization within the last year, please bring a copy of the report to your pre-op visit. You may also fax it to 919-350-8788.

It may be helpful for you to bring this brochure to your pre-op visit so you can make notes about any additional instructions. If you have a living will or health care power of attorney, please bring a copy for your hospital records.