WakeMed Hospitalists and Intensivists

WakeMed Children's Hospital, hospitalist and intensivistWakeMed is proud to offer an outstanding team of hospital-based physicians who care for hospital inpatients - both adults and children, as well as those who are critically-ill.

What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician who cares for patients while they are in the hospital and are available 24/7/365 to ensure the highest level of care. If you are treated by a hospitalist, it is either because you do not have a primary care physician, or because your primary care physician has entrusted your care with our hospitalists while you are in the hospital. 

All of WakeMed's hospitalists are board-certified physicians who provide excellent patient care, and work diligently to communicate any important clinical information gathered during your stay with your primary care physician (when applicable).  For example, diagnostic test results (imaging studies and lab work, etc..) completed while in the hospital should be provided back to your primary care physician once you have been discharged from the hospital.

WakeMed provides a separate team of hospitalists who care for children in the hospital.  Known as pediatric hospitalists, these physicians are board-certified in pediatrics and provide 24/7 care for hospitalized children.  This service is provided only at the WakeMed Raleigh Campus, which is home to WakeMed Children's Hospital. 

What is an Intensivist?

Similar to a hospitalist, an intensivist is a physician who cares for critically-ill patients while they are in the hospital. All WakeMed intensivists are board-certified in internal medicine and/or critical care medicine. 

Our intensivists provide around-the-clock care for WakeMed's sickest patients, providing patients and their families with peace of mind that a physician is always available and in the building in the event of any significant changes in the patient's condition. 

WakeMed also provides an exceptional team of pediatric intensivists, who care for children who are critically-ill in the hospital.  This service is provided only at the WakeMed Raleigh Campus, which is home to WakeMed Children's Hospital.

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