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Preparing For Your Visit

Arriving prepared helps us provide you the best experience possible. Before your visit, please review our Notice of Privacy Practices and bring the following items with you:

  • A copy of your child’s insurance information
  • Any old records, including immunization records or documents from other physicians
  • Any school documents, such as an Individualized Education Plan or 504 Plan, that might be important for your child’s health
  • All of your child’s medication bottles
  • The contact information for your preferred pharmacy
  • Any forms that you would like the office to complete, such as sport physicals

Thanks for bringing these must-have forms. We look forward to caring for you and your child!


Cancellations & Late Arrivals

We understand that life happens, and unexpected events may keep you from attending a scheduled appointment. Please contact us at least 24 hours ahead of your appointment time to cancel or reschedule.

In order to accommodate all of our patients who need appointments, if you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, then your appointment will be cancelled. We’ll gladly offer you the opportunity to reschedule.


Patient Information

Insurance & Billing

WakeMed Children’s — Pediatric Primary Care contracts with most major insurance companies. See the full list.

For billing questions or concerns, please call the WakeMed billing department at 800-243-9797.

Language Needs

We can accommodate your family’s language needs at WakeMed Children’s — Pediatric Primary Care. We are happy to utilize video and phone interpreter services; and many of our staff and providers are fluent in Spanish.

Medication Refills

Once you start your last refill of a prescription, it is time to contact our office. Please do not allow your child’s medicine to run out. Plan on scheduling an appointment or calling at least 7 days before you run out of medication. Here are a few more tips:

  • Antibiotic medications will not be prescribed by phone; one of our health care providers will need to examine your child first.
  • Prescription refills will be handled during regular business hours only, ending at 3:30 pm. Requests received after this time will be handled the next business day.
  • The easiest and most efficient way to get prescription refills is to call your pharmacy, even if the bottle says “no refills.”
  • Refills on controlled substances (i.e., ADHD medications) are subject to state and federal guidelines. Prescriptions for controlled substances require more frequent appointments. Your provider will discuss with you what is recommended for your child’s condition.



Our pediatric offices participate in WakeMed MyChart, a secure online patient portal that provides 24/7 access to portions of your child’s medical record. On MyChart, you can:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Get lab results
  • Pay your bill
  • Request refills
  • Message providers

Have questions or need help accessing your MyChart account? Please click here to contact the MyChart HelpDesk or call 919-350-2288.

Teen MyChart Policy

Parents and guardians have full access to their child’s MyChart until age 13. Then, teens can choose whether to share their chart with parents or guardians, as well as how much to share. Patients ages 13 to 17 must sign a consent form to grant another person — this person is called a “proxy” — access to their MyChart medical record. Proxy access will allow both the teen and proxy to see medical information including past and future doctor appointments; test results for STDs and pregnancy; messages and discussions with your Pediatric Primary Care provider; prescribed medications; information about medical procedures; and current health issues, including mental health. Teen patients have the right to, at any time, remove proxy access by speaking with their health care provider or calling 919-350-2288.

At age 18, MyChart accounts belong fully to the patient, and any proxy access expires.

Adolescent Privacy and Confidentiality

Adolescence is a time for learning new skills, including the ability to manage your health care. Depending on your child's developmental readiness, your provider will begin spending time alone with your child at some of their visits as they approach adolescence (12-14 years of age). During this time, we will also begin working with families to make the transition to an adult care model. Between the ages of 14 and 18, we will continue working with your child to practice this adult model of care, encouraging them to practice the skills necessary to take responsibility for their own health. At age 18 years, your child is considered to be a legal adult, and we’ll be happy to connect you with a WakeMed Primary Care provider or the provider of your choice.

Under state and federal law, teen patients, ages 13-17, have the right to make certain decisions about their health. For example, if you are or you think you might be pregnant; if you have a sexually transmitted disease; or if you need help with a drug or alcohol addiction or your mental health, you can seek treatment without your parents’ consent. WakeMed has to keep information about these conditions confidential and cannot share the information with parents unless the teen grants consent.

Transition to Adult Care

Between the ages of 18-21 years, our patients graduate to adult care. Luckily, WakeMed Children’s — Pediatric Primary Care benefits from the entire WakeMed network! Our team will work with you to prepare for the seamless transition to WakeMed Primary Care or the provider of your choice, including transfer of records to the next provider.

Sometimes, youth with special health care needs require more support from their caregivers, even into adulthood. Our pediatricians in Raleigh and pediatricians in Clayton can advise you about the resources available to support and guide you and your child.

Important Forms