Winter Weather Information

Please note, all WakeMed Physician Practices, urgent cares, and outpatient services - lab, imaging, rehab and Healthworks - will be opening at 10 am on Wednesday, January 17 due to the potential for hazardous road conditions. Learn more.

Our hospitals and emergency departments never close.

Patient Safety Toolkit

Quality Doctors Tool Kit

Patients and families have a vital role in safety.  Part of WakeMed's commitment to quality includes providing access to information to ensure you understand how you can be an active and involved member of your care team.  This information includes knowing:

  • What you can expect from your health care provider
  • How you can be an active participant in your care
  • What to expect at discharge and the follow up
    resources available to you

Everyone plays an important role in making health care as safe as it can be; physicians, health care executives, nurses and technicians, and you. While at WakeMed, if you ever have questions or concerns, or if you don't understand something, just ask. We encourage you to take an active role and participate in your care.