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Spine & Neck

Our orthopaedists focus on providing spine services from “first to 100th birthdays.”

Many of our procedures are minimally-invasive, so you’re able to leave the hospital and return to work much faster and with less pain. Our facility is the only facility in Wake County to offer disc replacement surgery.

ortho spine Back Pain

Our orthopaedists treat the following conditions:

Treatment is tailored to each individual patient. Recent advances in minimally invasive spine surgery allow the surgeons at WakeMed to perform spine surgery through smaller incisions, which results in less blood loss, less postoperative pain, shorter hospital stays, and quicker recovery.

Our comprehensive approach allows us to return patients to their prior level of function and regain an active, pain-free lifestyle. Our expertise allows us to pinpoint and treat the source of back, neck, and spine pain and offer the most innovative nonsurgical and surgical treatment choices.

Find the neck, back, and spine specialist who is right for you.