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Obalon Weight Loss Balloon

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Several of the bariatric surgeons with WakeMed Bariatric Surgery & Medical Weight Loss are pleased to offer the Obalon Balloon System.

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What is Obalon?

Performed in the fluoroscopy suite in the doctor’s office, the Obalon Balloon System couldn’t be any easier – patients simply swallow a capsule that contains a small balloon which travels to your stomach.  The physician inflates the balloon, which takes up space in the stomach and makes you feel full more quickly. Once placed, patients can drive and immediately resume daily normal activity. Over the next several months, two additional balloons will be placed for a total of three – all of which are removed at the six-month mark.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

On average, most Obalon patients lose around 30 percent of their total body weight which typically equates to 20-40 (or more) pounds.

Patients who received the Obalon Balloon System during a clinical trial lost twice as much weight as those who relied on diet and exercise alone. An average of 89% of weight lost during the study was kept off at 1 year (6 months post balloon removal), when combined with a sensible diet and moderate exercise program.