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Nutrition Notes from WakeMed

1. Portion Plate
2. Nutrition Facts
3. Mindful Eating
4. Healthy Grocery Shopping
5. Fiber: are you getting enough?

Looking for Local Produce?

North Carolina Farmers Markets

Having trouble sorting through which health apps are based on fact, not fad?  Click to read reviews from nutrition experts- Registered Dietitians - on the most popular health apps.

Ask A Dietitian

WakeMed dietitians are ready to provide helpful information on a variety of topics.  Wondering which protein bar is best? Confused about what you heard/read in a recent nutrition news story or article? Is eating organic foods better for my health?

E-mail your question to AskADietitian@wakemed.org.

WakeMed Voices Blog

WakeMed dietitians are frequent contributors on a variety of nutrition topics to our WakeMed Voices blog. Check out what they have to say.



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