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Nutrition for Bariatric Surgery Patients

For most people bariatric surgery requires a significant change in diet and lifestyle to safely and healthfully reach goals. As this process can be a bit overwhelming, we’ve created several resources to help address all of your nutritional concerns before, during and after surgery.

Between the initial evaluation for bariatric surgery and surgery day, we want you to take the time to become as prepared as possible for the lifestyle modifications and health behaviors that we know equate to a safe and successful long-term weight loss.

We recommend that you begin adapting your current diet pattern and health behaviors when you start your journey towards bariatric surgery to prepare for the changes that will need to be implemented after your procedure.

Nutritional Guidelines

Log in to access our bariatric surgery nutrition manual which has guidance for before, during and after surgery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions about nutrition and bariatric surgery.


Bariatric Vitamins and Minerals

All bariatric patients should take a bariatric-formulated multivitamin daily.

Recipes and Nutrition

We’ve compiled some recipes and foods that may help get you through the first few weeks and beyond.

Envision Nutricenter

Envision Nutricenter offers nutritional products for bariatric surgery patients.

Meet the Dietitians

Read about our caring and committed Dietitians who offer plans for individual needs of our patients.