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10000 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh, NC 27614 |  Map & Directions

Personal comfort is a key theme at our hospital.  We’ve created a tranquil luxury atmosphere surrounded by features which promote healing while conserving nature’s resources.  Glass throughout the facility allowing for maximum daylight and natural elements such as wood, stone, and granite along with a soothing paint palette create a connection to the outdoors.

Our Women's Hospital features, spacious room accommodations for the family to stay overnight and upgraded bed & bath linens and toiletries offer our patients a spa-quality experience.

An integral part of this comfort is our technology. Each room is beautifully appointed with a family lounge area and a desk with Wi-Fi access. Each post-partum suite has two TVs – one just for mom in her bed and another for the family. TV controls and room lighting are at your fingertips - simply use your bedside remote. And we’ve hidden away the medical equipment in beautiful hardwood cabinetry.

RSV Season is Here

Visitation Restrictions

NICU & Special Care Nurseries

Due to several cases of RSV in the community, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Special Care Nurseries at Raleigh Campus, Cary Hospital and North Hospital are restricting visitation for children under age 12 effective Tuesday, October 1. These restrictions are put in place annually to protect our patients.

Visiting the Women's Hospital

Though we welcome visitors throughout the day and night, we ask that visitors refrain from visiting during WakeMed North Quiet Hours. Quiet Hours are special times set aside for our patients to relax, rest, bond with baby and heal. Please ask the nurse when Quiet Hours are in the unit you are visiting.

Friends and family who are sick with influenza, colds and other communicable illnesses should wait until they are well before visiting patients at WakeMed North.

See our babies in the Online Nursery.


Guests and patients at WakeMed North Family Health & Women's Hospital can look forward to a facility that meets their every need:

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