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Your First Two Weeks

New Employees 2

Depending on your job role, you may need to attend additional days of orientation or training in your first week. You will receive a detailed overview of what to expect during week one at New Employee Orientation. In addition to required activities, completing the following tasks will help you have a productive and successful transition to WakeMed:

Complete Departmental Orientation
Departmental orientation is an important step in helping you get acclimated to your new work environment and your team. Your manager or supervisor will lead you through departmental orientation during your first week of work. In some cases, this process may be spread out over several days.

Complete Required Training
New employees must complete all mandatory onboarding education within the first two weeks of employment or other designated timeframe. Your manager or supervisor will show you how to log in to our online learning system and ensure that you are enrolled in the appropriate courses.

Check the Pay Period Schedule
WakeMed Health & Hospitals issues paychecks every other Thursday. Depending on when your first day of work falls in the pay period schedule, it may be several weeks before you receive your first paycheck. Your offer letter will tell you when to expect your first paycheck.