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Viedeoelectronystagmogram (VNG/ENG)

If you are having dizziness and balance problems, WakeMed offers a diagnostic test – a videoelectronystagmogram (VNG) – that studies the inner ear and brain.

The test results can diagnose inner ear disease, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), as opposed to some other cause such as low blood pressure or anxiety.

Learn what to expect from a VNG/ENG

The VNG uses a process known as vestibular assessment which involves the use of infrared goggles to trace eye movements during visual stimulation and positional changes. The technician will place warm and cold water in each ear to produce nystagmus (involuntary rapid movements of the eyeballs). The patient should not eat prior to this test and follow the pre-test instruction sheet provided by their referring physician.

Test results are released to the referring physician who will review them with the patient.

VNG studies performed in the WakeMed Neurodiagnostic Lab, at our Raleigh Campus, located on the 1st floor in the Medical Office Building.

Directions from Outpatient Registration: Turn right and follow the hall to the 1st intersection. Turn right onto the carpeted area, and follow the carpeted area to Occupational Health. Look to the left for the purple elevators and the sign for Neurodiagnostic Lab, Pulmonary Functions Lab.

For information about VNG/ENG studies, please call: 919-350-3734.

If you are a physician referring a patient for a VNG/ENG, please call our patient schedule line at 919-350-7000.





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