Cold and Flu Season Can Be a Monster

Flu & Cold Season Can Be A Monster

Help us protect our patients, families and staff from RSV and the flu by following these visitation restrictions currently in effect.

  • No visitors under the age of 12 are allowed in patient care areas.
  • Please do not visit patients if you are experiencing fever, vomiting, diarrhea or cold or flu-like symptoms.

Stroke Symptoms

The symptoms of stroke depend on what part of the brain is injured. F.A.S.T. is a great way to remember the most common, sudden symptoms of a stroke. If you or someone around you experiences any of the following symptoms, call 911 immediately for emergency medical care.


Stroke Symptoms

Symptoms of stroke may include:

  • Sudden mental confusion, trouble speaking or understanding
  • Sudden trouble seeing
  • Sudden trouble walking
  • Sudden severe headache

Call 911 immediately if you or someone you know has these symptoms. When it comes to stroke, fast action saves lives while decreasing the chances of lifelong disability, such as paralysis or blindness.

  • Face

    Does the face look uneven or drift down?

  • Arm

    Does one arm drift down?

  • Speech

    Does the person's speech sound strange?

  • Time

    If you observe any of these signs, it is time
    to call 9-1-1. 

The faster a stroke patient receives treatment, the better the chances of recovery.

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