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Making a Difference

The following comments are from parents who have either donated milk or received donor milk for their children.

"I liked knowing that my milk, which made my baby so healthy and strong, could also help other babies."

- Lisa, a donor mother

"I had so much extra milk because my little girl was premature and didn't drink very much.  I wanted to share it with others."

- Victoria, a donor mother

"When Noah died, I felt that a little part of him lived on in the babies we were able to help with my breast milk."

- Traci, a donor mother

"I consider breast milk to be 'liquid gold.'  Being able to feed my son donor milk after we adopted him made all the difference in the world." - Dixon's mother

"To see such a weak little baby respond so quickly to the precious mothers' milk and to see her grow and develop into such a happy, healthy little girl has been miraculous.

- Emily's grandmother

"My son was fine while I breastfed him for six months.  But when I started supplementing with formula, the eczema began, and he was hospitalized several times.  He was started on donor milk at one year of age.  He is now 3 1/2 years old and still receiving donor milk.  This is the only complete protein he gets.  Since he is allergic to meat, eggs, dairy and corn, he is on a 21-day rotation diet of grains and beans.  He is a very bright boy and doing well.  The banked milk saved his life."
- Elijah's mom

"The WakeMed Mothers' Milk Bank proved invaluable for providing my premature daughter with the healing donor milk she needed for her development."

- Quinn's father, whose wife died soon after giving birth.