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Limited exceptions may be made. Learn more.

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Donating Your Milk

We are always looking for new donors to help us meet the growing demand for donor milk. Without our donors we would be unable to continuously supply milk to the fragile infants who need it. If you have more milk than your baby needs, please consider donating to the milk bank. Your milk can provide lifesaving treatment for the infants we serve.

Donation after a Loss
For mothers who have experienced a loss, your gift is an especially meaningful tribute. Milk donation can be an invaluable part of the physical and emotional healing process. If you are interested in donating after a loss, please contact us for more information, support and guidance.

Guidelines for Donating Milk
WakeMed Mothers’ Milk Bank follows stringent guidelines set forth by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) to ensure the highest level of purity and safety for the fragile infants we serve.

Most moms in good health can donate milk. There are, however, some restrictions that would preclude you from donation. You are not eligible to donate if:

  • You have a positive blood test result for HIV, HTLV, Hepatitis B or C, or Syphilis
  • You or your sexual partner are at risk for HIV
  • You use illegal drugs
  • You smoke or use nicotine products
  • You have received an organ or tissue transplant or a blood transfusion in the last four months
  • You regularly have more than two alcoholic drinks per day
  • Between 1980-1996, you were in the United Kingdom for more than three months or in Europe for more than five years

If you would like to donate…
We’d love to talk with you. Here’s what’s involved in our screening process:

  1. A Telephone Screen: You’ll start with a 10-minute preliminary phone interview to answer a few questions about your health and lifestyle.
  2. Paperwork: You’ll then complete the donor packet which consists of a written interview and forms for your physicians to complete.
  3. Labwork: Once all of your paperwork has been received, we’ll provide you with a requisition number to have blood tests performed at your local LabCorp. We test for Hepatitis B and C, HIV, HTLV, and Syphilis. All testing is done at our expense.
  4. Make your first donation: Once we receive your negative blood test results, you will be approved as a donor. We’ll then discuss the final logistics with you about delivering or shipping your milk to us.

Are you ready to talk to us about donating? Please call us at (919) 350-8599.