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Meet Our Children's Emergency Department Medical Director

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Dr. Jakubowicz (“Dr. J”) is an emergency medicine physician with Wake Emergency Physicians, PA (WEPPA). Dr. J is board certified in emergency medicine as well as general pediatrics. He has been practicing at WakeMed Children's Emergency Departments since 2013. Dr. J enjoys connecting with families out in the community. Below are a few excerpts from a recent interview to help you get to know Dr. J and learn a little more about WakeMed Children’s Emergency Department.

What do you hope to accomplish in your new role as medical director?
Medicine is always changing. At WakeMed Children’s, we constantly strive to improve our patients’ care. We have lots of ideas for the future. Currently, we are developing care plans for patients with chronic illnesses such as asthma, sickle cell, and cancer so patients get their care started from the moment they enter our doors. By treating these patients right away, we hope to avoid or shorten their hospital stay.

We are also part of a national collaborative to improve care for newborns (ages 0-2 months). With the success of immunizations, the infectious landscape has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Our goal in this collaborative has been to develop a protocol to effectively diagnose and treat infants with fevers in a way that minimizes unnecessary interventions.

Also, I’m always interested in ways to improve what we already do really well — being kid friendly and family focused. I want to explore ideas from parents and kids to make changes that help provide the best possible experience for the entire family.

How do you view your role beyond the walls of the emergency room?
As the largest pediatric emergency department in the Triangle (and one of the largest in NC), we have an obligation to promote public health and safety. I think we do an excellent job through social media, advertising, and community outreach programs such as safe Kids, Teddy Bear Clinics, and Bike Rodeos, and we hope to continue that direction as well as explore areas where we can expand ways to get information to our patients.

What can parents expect when they bring their kids to WakeMed Children’s Emergency Department (versus others)?
Our Children’s Emergency Department provides families with pediatric-centered care. Everything we do is designed to care for children. The department itself doesn’t look like your typical hospital. It looks fun. We have toys, games, and cartoons just to name a few. However, it’s the staff that is by far the biggest advantage. They bring a tremendous amount of experience to the care of our patients. We are one of the highest volume pediatric emergency departments in the state, and our entire team is highly experienced.

This experience translates from some of the littlest but extremely important things, such as how to best examine or give a medicine to a pediatric patient, to some of our most difficult situations with critically ill patients.

Tell us a little about your team
Managing a children’s emergency department is no small task. Emergency room physicians lead teams of nurses, advanced practice providers, emergency department techs, child life specialists, and respiratory therapists to take care of any patient that walks through the door.

We all work very hard to focus on the child and their experience. Sure, other EDs are equipped to take care of pediatric patients, but WakeMed Children’s Emergency Department has the combined pediatric expertise and experience all in an environment where kids can be most comfortable.

Our staff is specially trained to recognize and treat pediatric illnesses. They are masters of the science but also know how to engage with sick children and put them at ease. This can make a world of difference to any child or caretaker.

How has the medical community at WakeMed Children’s Hospital evolved?
WakeMed Children’s keeps growing! As the community continues to grow, we continue to respond to that demand. We have added multiple sub-specialty services, most recently pediatric cardiology, pediatric pulmonology and a new group of pediatric radiologists. We have also increased our behavioral health services to meet the increasing demand for mental health services in Wake County.