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WakeMed Urgent Cares closed at 4:30 pm on December 10. All other WakeMed Physician Practices were closed on December 10. 

On December 11, many services will open at 10 am, and WakeMed Physician Practices, including Urgent Cares, will be opening at 11 am.

See a detailed list of closings and delays.

Remember, our hospitals and emergency departments are always open.

Diagnostic Injections & Pain Management

WakeMed Imaging professionals also specialize in providing injections and procedures to diagnose and relieve pain in all areas of the spine (lumbar, thoracic and cervical), as well as joints (shoulder, hip, wrist, etc.).

Patients who need MRIs, CT scans, or ultrasound in conjunction with their joint injections can conveniently have both procedures in a single location.

Our radiologists also have advanced training in specific areas, including neurological and musculoskeletal imaging. This special focus, combined with our image-guided approach, ensures the safety and accuracy of all diagnostic and therapeutic injections.

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