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Medical Technologist - Pathology Labs

Supporter, Masonic Home for Children at Oxford

When I was in high school, our class went to a Christmas event at an orphanage. I saw the gifts under their tree were scarce, and it just stayed with me. To think how they lived each day - that they may have only a box of cereal to eat, I don’t want them to struggle like that, so I give what I can, when I can. During our last corporate giving campaign, I noticed the Masonic Home wasn’t on the list, so I asked them to add it, and they did.

Helping is about lifting people up who are in need… helping the underdog. Working here at WakeMed is close to my heart because we, too, look out for the underdog – such as the patient who doesn’t have the ability to pay. They are welcome here.

We welcome everyone with a warm smile and ask if there is something we can do for them. We reach out and help. It’s in my nature, and it’s in WakeMed’s nature.

Sam - Pathology Lab