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Lee Ann

Senior Financial Specialist - Accounting

Church Mission Trips, Oakwood Garden Club

My mission trips to developing countries have made such a difference in how I see the world today. I’m not medically trained, but I can offer my other talents to help. I’ve even laid brick to build a church. These trips made me realize everyone has the same priorities: family, food, shelter. But for some, it’s harder to meet these basic needs. It makes me appreciate everything I have here.

Beautifying a community gives the people a sense of pride and belonging. Through the garden club, I help landscape area neighborhoods and nonprofits such as the local elementary schools, the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, and The Emmaus House for working homeless men. If I can bring some warmth into someone’s day by the projects I help create, it’s a reflection on who I am.

You have to have a heart for all people in this world, and it’s never been more obvious than at WakeMed. I’m blessed to be here, and the Wake Way is a reflection of who we should all be.

Lee Ann - Accounting