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Dr. Margraf

Physician - Raleigh Neurosurgical Clinic

I think back to my residency and how my mentors inspired me to be the best physician I could be. To put the patient first and think beyond what’s standard, so that they receive the most appropriate, safest care possible. It made such an impact on me, and those values are instilled in me to this day.

Because medicine is always changing, serving on quality patient care committees is a crucial part of those values. We take a critical look at the care we are providing today and find ways to make it even better for our patients tomorrow. And that’s so important to keep our community as healthy as possible.

I’ve lived in this community for 20 years. I go to church here, and I work at the hospital. I want my legacy to be that I performed to the highest standards possible, treated my patients with dignity and respect, and offered compassionate care and empathy to all regardless of their ability to pay. Helping others - it’s how I was brought up and why I enjoy being a doctor.

Dr. Margraf - Physician