Holiday Hours

Our three Urgent Cares in Raleigh, Cary and Forestville Crossing closed at 6 pm on Wednesday, December 12 and will reopen at 8 am on Thursday, December 13. 

All other WakeMed Physician Practices, including Ortho Urgent Care in North Raleigh, and WakeMed services will be open normal hours.

Remember, our hospitals and emergency departments never close.


Manager - Labor & Delivery

Head Nurse, Camp Oak Hill and Den Leader, Cub Scouts

Children are such a joy. As a nurse in Labor & Delivery, I welcome new lives into the world every day. We’re invited into the sacred moment of childbirth – you can’t help but get excited about that.

Having that connection – both at work and out in the community – is part of who I am. I led my son’s Cub Scouts troop, but when he grew up, I decided to continue serving as their den leader. It gives me a personal sense of purpose. I help these young boys become good citizens, give them love and attention, and help mold and teach them.

And for almost twenty years, I’ve been head nurse at Camp Oak Hill. I help kids when they need first aid, are homesick or are truly sick. I’ve watched these kids - “my kids” - grow up. They call me their Mamma Bear, and there is a huge reward in that.

For me, working with children from birth on up, I feel like I am helping shape this community. And it all starts here at WakeMed – with a new generation that I’m so proud to be a part of.

Donna - Labor Delivery