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Technologist - Neurodiagnostic Services

Cyclist, Team Spoke Cycles and VELO4Yellow

I’ve always enjoyed outdoor sports, and my greatest passion is cycling. Using this passion to give back to the community while encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle brings a sense of achievement to me. Through Team Spoke Cycles, we bring awareness to cancer and raise funds for Livestrong through our annual VELO4Yellow cycling challenge.

By welcoming members of the community to join our team, we can extend our ability to serve and to teach. We teach new members proper etiquette when riding in groups as well as proper cycling technique, and rules of the road all while they are getting in shape and living a healthy life. Helping others brings a level of happiness you can’t achieve when you don’t give back.

I work in healthcare, so it’s important for me to be healthy. Live by example. That’s what I do, and I want to encourage as many people as I can to live their lives to the fullest and be as healthy as possible.

Carlos - Technologist Neurodiagnostic