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Director - Rehab Hospital

Teacher/Volunteer, Jobs for Life

There’s no better use of my time than helping someone transform. When someone has pulled himself up from his bootstraps, and I know I was a part of his success, it’s incredibly satisfying. Giving my time to teach with the Jobs for Life program is important to me. I can help men and women who have significant roadblocks in their lives re-enter the workforce, become productively employed and change the course of their lives.

We all have something to share, and if you miss that blessing – that feeling of giving – you miss so much. I go in to the class each week saying I WILL SERVE, and I come out saying I’VE BEEN SERVED.

It’s the same at work. I’ve grown up here, and this organization is in my bloodstream. The values here are indoctrinated into who I am. They’re about extending yourself and being aware of others, passing by someone who doesn’t look quite right and stopping to help them. It’s about genuine compassion. We’re all in this together. We’re all one family.

Beth - Director Rehab