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I Am WakeMed

WakeMed board members, employees, physicians, volunteers, patients, family members and the community as a whole make up WakeMed Health & Hospitals. You are all that we are, and we want to share how each and every one of you contribute to the whole. Together, we are this community.

I am WakeMed Profiles

We’ve pulled together a few profiles, highlighting some exceptional employees, physicians and volunteers to show how they have made a tremendous impact in our community. Some examples of their exceptional contributions to the community - both medical and non-medical - include but are not limited to:

  • Committing time and skills in support of a community organization
  • Providing leadership in a school, church or civic group
  • Leading or mentoring youth through coaching a sports team
  • Sharing a special hobby or talent with others
  • Involvement in community arts programs – visual, music, etc.

Want to participate? Tell us your story! Complete and submit this form. We’ll contact you back for more information, and thank you for sharing.

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