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Day of Your Cardiac Catheterization

Getting Ready for Your Invasive Procedure

Blood work, a chest X-ray, and an ECG (Electrocardiogram) will be done before your procedure. Once the results of these tests are reported to and reviewed by your doctor, the procedure can take place.

Make your physician aware of any allergies, especially to iodine, X-ray dye, seafood or if you have trouble taking aspirin or numbing medications.

A nurse from the Heart Center Observation Area will take you to the unit to prepare you for your procedure. Two members of your family may stay with you in the Heart Center Observation Area until it is time to take you to the procedure room.

Before You Go to the Procedure Room

You Can Expect To:

  • Remove all clothing and jewelry, and put on a hospital gown. Depending on the type of procedure, you may keep glasses, hearing aids, contact lenses and dentures.
  • Be asked to go to the bathroom so that you will not be uncomfortable during the procedure.
  • Your groin, wrist, arm or chest will be shaved.
  • Have one or two intravenous (IV) needles inserted into your arm. This allows fluids and medicines to be injected directly into a vein if needed.

Your doctor may order a sedative for you to help you relax. Please stay in bed after you take the medicine. It will make you drowsy.