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Heart Care Plus+

The power of collaboration.  The power of plus.

WakeMed and Duke Health are now working together in cardiovascular services – a collaboration that we call Heart Care Plus+, bringing together the research and innovation of Duke Health with the heart care expertise and passion of WakeMed. 

By harnessing the power of plus, we will deliver more services and options for quality health care at a greater value for patients. 

Our collaboration does not require costly new construction or infrastructure but it will deliver better coordination of care and less duplication of services while bringing together the expertise available at an academic medical center with the high quality care available at a community health care system to offer greater value to patients. Together, we are harnessing the power of existing resources and staff to offer more services and options for heart care right here in Wake County.


Caring for Wake County

WakeMed is the largest provider of health care services to patients in Wake County, and it is our mission to improve the health and well-being of our community by providing outstanding and compassionate care to all.  The very best way for us to provide this care and be a good steward of our community’s health care resources is through partnerships and collaborations.

The Heart Care Plus+ partnership offers patients:

  • A broader network of heart services and providers
  • Expertise from Duke Health, a top five-nationally-recognized heart program
  • Access to the full array of clinical trials offered exclusively through Duke's Clinical Research Institute
  • Treatment innovations through the sharing of best practices and evidence-based experience
  • Seamless access to highly specialized services not currently offered at WakeMed (i.e. transplantation)


WakeMed’s cardiovascular services have always been leading edge, from when the first open-heart surgery was performed in Wake County at WakeMed in 1968.  Now, our innovative collaboration will bring you access to more services and more specialties right here at home – effectively and efficiently expanding services.

Duke Health & WakeMed Leaders on the Power of Collaboration