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Nutrition & Stress Management

Nutrition & Stress Management is designed to help manage weight, blood glucose, and stress, as well as learn about protective foods for your heart. All classes are taught by experienced, certified professionals, and are open to Healthworks members and the general public.

Healthworks Fitness & Wellness Center – Nutrition & Stress Management


  • FREE to General Members, Safeway to Fitness, SilverSneakers®, Silver&Fit®, and Renew Active™,Transitional Exercise, and Cardiac Rehabilitation participants
  • General Public: $90 for two class series OR $50 for individual classes

Nutrition & Stress Management - Printable Schedule


Class Descriptions

A Healthy Weight

  • Learn about balancing calories
  • Find out what portions should really look like
  • Plan behavioral changes for success

Heart Protective Foods (Cholesterol & Blood Pressure)

  • Learn the foods to eat to protect your heart
  • Be introduced to the Mediterranean diet

Evening Nutrition Class

*one condensed class of the above two classes

Diabetes Management

  • Learn how to better control your blood sugar
  • Learn the basics of carbohydrate counting and a carbohydrate budget to identify and plan appropriate amouns of carbohydrate foods at meals and snacks

For more information, please call Healthworks at 919-350-8602