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As the leading provider of healthcare services in Wake County, WakeMed provides unique and impactful programs that meet critical needs.

Programs Supported by the WakeMed Foundation

In 2016-17, the WakeMed Foundation supported:

Community Population Health Program

  • Improving quality of life & health for underserved members of our community
  • 358 high-risk patients assisted & connected to community resources
  • 59% reduction in emergency room visits
  • 78% reduction in hospital admissions
  • Nearly $5 million in costs saved

Specialized Pediatric Programs

  • Pediatric Endocrinology Diabetes Conference – 160 conference participants, including Wake County school nurses, educated on assisting students dealing with Type 1 Diabetes
  • Child Life Specialists – Six child life specialists offer support to the nearly 50,000 Children’s Hospital, Children’s Emergency Department and pediatric surgery patients and families seen each year at WakeMed

Spiritual Care Program

  • Specialized programs for bereavement & spiritual care
  • 70,312 clergy contacts with patients, families & staff

Learn more about WakeMed's Spiritual Care program.

Youth Obesity Prevention Program

  • 375 children at risk of Type II diabetes
  • 68% stabilized or reduced their body mass index (BMI)

Learn more about our diabetes services for children as well as the pediatric weight management services offered at WakeMed.

Pet Therapy Program

  • 4,700 patients visited by volunteer pets & owners

Learn more about Pet Assisted Therapy (PAT) Rehabilitation at WakeMed.