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This is the same login that was displayed previously at this address

Attention First Time Users

Click here to install the Citrix web client.
Click "Run" when prompted.
Click here to install the Juniper Installer Service.
Click "Run" when prompted. If you have problems, try this link.

First time users, please also note that you will be required to install Duo Security to access the WakeMed network remotely.

App Link VPN

After you login and complete the Duo Security enrollment process, you will see the following screen prompting your dual authentication through Duo Security.  Complete the dual authentication process as instructed.  If you have any trouble with Duo Security, please call the Help Desk at 919-350-8700.


Supported OS:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Note that Mac 10.x and above is not supported.

Instructions for Internet Explorer 11

Click for Older unsupported Mac OS

Java Security Issues with VPN
Java Security