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Follow the Milk

What happens to the milk once it is donated?

Our Process:

Milk Bank donate Step 1: Donation

Moms donate their frozen milk. Milk Bank lab testing Step 2: Lab Testing

A sample from each donation is sent to the lab for testing. Milk Bank pooling Step 3: Pooling

Thawed milk from multiple donors is pooled together. Milk Bank Homogenization Step 4: Homogenization

Milk is homogenized/mixed several times to ensure fat is uniformly distributed throughout the milk. Milk Bank Pouring Step 5: Pouring

Milk is poured into tamper evident, BPA-free bottles. Milk Bank Pasteurizing Step 6: Pasteurizing

Bottles are heated to 62.5°C for 30 minutes to kill viruses and bacteria. Milk Bank More Lab Testing Step 7: More Lab Testing

Another sample of pasteurized milk is sent to the lab for testing. This ensures the absence of potentially harmful bacteria. Milk Bank Freezing Step 8: Freezing

Pasteurized milk is kept at -20°C until it is dispensed to hospitals and outpatients for use.