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Epic Haiku Canto

Haiku and Canto are Epic's electronic health record secure apps that enable authorized clinical users to access clinic schedules, hospital patient lists, health summaries, test results and notes on a mobile device. The links below should allow you to effectively download the apps and install them on your device. Should you have any questions or issues please contact our information services help desk at 919-350-8700.

Instructions for First Time Device Configuration

Please complete the following steps from your device while you are on the WakeMed Network.

1. Download and install the appropriate app by going to the Apple App Store or Google Play app store.

  • iPad users should download Canto. (Note: Canto works on iPads running iOS 6.0 or greater.)
  • iPhone & Android users should download Haiku.


2. Once the app is installed, select the appropriate button below to auto configure the app.  Please note, Android users should select the Haiku link.  You will know configuration was successful if the app opens and “WakeMed Epic PRD” appears at the top.

Configure Haiku

Configure Canto

3. Register your device with Information Services to ensure uninterupted connectivity.

iPhone/iPad Devices

  • Open the Haiku app on your device
  • Tap "WakeMed Epic PRD" at the top of the screen and then tap "< Configurations"
  • Select "Identifier" at the bottom right
  • Select Email
  • Your device email will appear with the ID.
  • Send the email to servicedesk@wakemed.org and include your name, mobile number and device type. (Be sure to use youremail@wakemed.org in the "from" field if you have multiple email accounts on your device.)

Android Users

  • Open Haiku app on your device
  • Select the additional menu button
  • Select settings
  • Scroll down to "about" link
  • Select Device ID
  • Email device ID and your name to servicedesk@wakemed.org

You will receive notification once your access setup is complete.

Please note that you may only enter charges on the iPhone or iPad.  This functionality is not available on Android devices.

4.  Log into the app using your Hyperspace username and password.

You're done!  After following these steps, you are now ready to enjoy the benefits of accessing patient information on your mobile device.