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Our top priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of our patients, their families and our staff who are working on the frontlines. While we recognize the important role that visits from loved ones play in the healing process, we must have visitation restrictions in order to protect lives. Learn more.

Now offering virtual visits for all WakeMed Physician Practice primary care and specialties locations. Schedule an appointment today.

Visit COVID-19 Information Page


Do you think you have COVID-19?

Call WakeMed COVID Health Line at 919-350-5200.

WakeMed follows the CDC guidelines regarding diagnostic testing. Our triage team will assess your symptoms and direct you to the most appropriate level of care, whether it’s getting established with a WakeMed Primary Care provider, Virtual Urgent Care, in-person Urgent Care or Emergency Care.


Those with Mild Symptoms

Call the WakeMed COVID Health Line at 919-350-5200. Those with mild symptoms will be referred to a primary care provider or WakeMed Virtual Urgent Care for further evaluation and, if appropriate, referral for testing. WakeMed Virtual Urgent Care is fast, convenient and accessible from the comfort of your own home using your cell phone or tablet.  In addition, testing for children is available through our partner, PM Pediatrics.


Those with Moderate Symptoms

Call the WakeMed COVID Health Line at 919-350-5200. Those with moderate symptoms will be referred to an Urgent Care facility for assessment and testing if appropriate.


Those with Severe Symptoms

For those with severe symptoms—particularly with significant difficulty breathing—should go to the emergency department or call 911.  Please note that emergency departments will not test you without an evaluation by an emergency department provider. Emergency departments do not accept walk-ins for testing.