Corporate Compliance Program

WakeMed’s Corporate Compliance Department is responsible for the organization’s compliance and ethics program. Established in 1997, the WakeMed Corporate Compliance Program demonstrates the commitment of the organization to the highest standards of ethics and compliance.

The Compliance Program serves to educate WakeMed personnel on compliance standards and promote an understanding of the importance of compliant actions. It also serves as the structure to monitor, identify, report instances of non-compliance and take corrective action.  Based on the principles included in our Code of Ethics, the program includes a process for identifying, reviewing, analyzing and coordinating ethical questions and issues within the WakeMed system.

The purpose of the compliance program is to:

  • Ensure that federal regulations are followed;

  • Educate our employees about laws, regulations and the code of conduct; and

  • Encourage staff to ask questions or express concerns

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