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WakeMed will offer one medical plan to employees in 2021. The plan will be administered by Contigo Health. The 2021 medical plan will be similar to the current Select Plan and will include four networks (tiers). Out-of-pocket costs will be equal-to or less than the current rates for similar networks. For additional details and rate information, reference the 2021 Benefits Handbook.

Need to know what network your doctor is in? Use the Find a Doctor tool available on MyWakeMed > Employee Essentials > Employee Benefits, or visit www.contigohealth.com.

If you are currently enrolled in one of the WakeMed medical plans, and you do not complete Open Enrollment, you will automatically be enrolled in the new medical plan offering for 2021.


Who is Contigo Health?

Contigo Health began 30 years ago as a population health management company. Today Contigo Health is a leading Health Plan Administrative Services and Center of Excellence administrator, delivering comprehensive services for optimizing employee health benefits.

Contigo Health’s mission is to lead the industry by creating innovative solutions that provide value to clients; to positively impact the health of members and to inspire each other to make a difference every day. Contigo