Safe Sitter® Classes

baby with sunglassesLet Safe Sitter® give you peace of mind. Enroll your teen in a Safe Sitter® class.

They’ll learn more than just babysitting basics. They’ll learn the life and safety skills any teen should have before babysitting or staying home alone and the sensible decision-making skills you, as a parent, need for them to have. Safe Sitter® builds confidence.

It's medically-accurate. It's current and teaches today's teen about cell phone and internet safety. Most of all, it stays with teens for life!

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Safe Sitter Classes

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Class Hours: 9 am to 4 pm unless otherwise noted

Class Dates:

  • April 28
  • June 2
  • June 14
  • June 20
  • June 28 & 29 (6 pm - 9 pm) & (9 am-1pm)
  • July 18
  • July 26 & 27 (6 pm - 9 pm) & (9 am - 1 pm)
  • August 1
  • August 8
  • October 27

Class Location:

WakeMed Corporate Center
3128 Smoketree Court
Raleigh, NC 27604

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WakeMed Corporate Center

Cost $60
Duration: 7 Hours 
Minimum Age: 11

This popular one-day program is for girls and boys ages 11 to 14.  Participants learn proper child care skills and techniques for handling medical emergencies.   Classes fill up fast, so plan to register early!