Classes & Events

There is always something happening at WakeMed. A wide variety of health education seminars, screenings, support groups and community events are offered throughout the year. Please check back regularly for event information.

Join us for these fun community events.

Part of our mission is to help the community we serve be as healthy as it can be. The community events we offer or sponsor are designed to help us meet that mission.

Community Events

CPR Anytime

CPR Anytime

CPR Anytime

Girlology and Guyology

Ladies Day at WakeMed North

Love Light

Mens Health Night

Ready, Steady, Go

Ready, Steady, Go

Ongoing Classes & Events

Bith and Parent Education

Birth and Family Education

Cardiac Rehab

Diabetes Management

Families First

Fitness and Wellness

Safe Sitter Classes

Support Groups