Meet Our Medical Director

LeinenweberStephen_practicepage.jpgStephen Leinenweber, MD, is the executive medical director of WakeMed Children’s Services.

Dr. Leinenweber’s extensive experience as a pediatric critical care physician includes an emphasis on traumatic brain injury, communication, bioethics and teaching. He has a genuine passion for children and is focused on meeting the needs of his community.

As a father and physician, he wants to ensure that the families in his community receive the best possible care. One of his initial steps in this role includes outreach and community conversations with pediatricians and caregivers across the county to assess needs and plan accordingly for the expansion of specialty and subspecialty pediatric services in Wake County.


What is your biggest concern or passion when it comes to caring for children?

We are facing a mental health crisis in our state, and it directly affects children. WakeMed is committed to promoting good mental health and providing appropriate crisis management and treatment. WakeMed Physician Practices – Pediatrics is building a team of trained professionals that will help support families beyond physical health and offer positive parenting resources for the healthy mental, social and emotional development of our community’s children.

What’s in the future for WakeMed’s services for children?

We have a long record of providing care for families and children here at WakeMed, and we continue to grow to meet the needs of the community, adding specialty and subspecialty services along the way so children can receive the care they need close to home.

We are actively expanding pediatric subspecialty care in Wake County. We now offer Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Gastroenterology, and Pediatric Endocrinology in multiple locations.

As we learn about community needs, which is truly an ongoing process, our focus is to make sure the pediatric services families need most are available and easily accessible across Wake County.

As a doctor and a dad, what’s your vision and hope for our community?

I’m focused on giving families the best possible care and nothing less. I’m committed to working with new and existing community partners such as Wake County Public School System and key leaders to accomplish more together and create a community that collaboratively supports the everyday needs of parents and children as we build the future for our community.

Stephen Leinenweber, MD with child