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Injury Prevention

Keeping Your Kids Safe

Water Safety: Whether you’re heading to the community pool, splashing around in your own backyard, or visiting the beach or a lake, make sure safety always comes first and never let your guard down around water.

Winter Safety:  Along with cold weather and holiday celebrations, the winter season brings some potential dangers. Here are a few safety tips to help you enjoy the winter months safely.

Summer Sun Safety:  It's great to be outside in the sunshine - especially in the summer - but it's important to remember that the sun's heat and ultraviolet rays can be harmful.

Car Seat Safety Tips:  You can help prevent car accident fatalities from happening by always using car safety seats and seat belts correctly.

Zone Out! School Bus Safety Tips:  Make sure your child knows how to stay safe at the bus stop.

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Backpack Safety:  Tips for safe backpack use and injury prevention

Play It Safe: When it comes to playful children, it's easy to ignore common sense safety rules. Remind your kids to follow these simple safety rules so that their playtime is both fun and safe.

Helmet Safety:  Choosing the right bicycle helmet is critical to your child's safety.

Helmet Fit Safety:   Tips on getting the right fit for a bike helmet

Play our home safety game!  How many home hazards can you find?

Safety on the Street: Tips for Walkers