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School Program

A Trip to WakeMed is an interactive and informative program especially for kindergarten classes in Wake County. WakeMed nurses and therapists teach the program to help children learn what to expect if they have to go to the hospital.  The goal of the program is to help alleviate children's fears of hospitals, staff and equipment.

Teachers will learn with their students and receive a goody bag with props such as a surgical mask, gloves, shoe covers and caps to use in the classroom. 

Students will:

  • Participate in show and tell and role-playing
  • Hear about procedures the doctors and nurses use in the hospital
  • Watch an animated video that features Twinkle, the WakeMed Children's mascot.
  • Interact with a nurse or therapist
  • Receive a copy of A Trip to WakeMed coloring book, an arm band and a Twinkle sticker.
  • See and learn about different types of clothing and equipment.  



Presentations are typically scheduled between February and May.  The program lasts approximately 45 minutes. A television and DVD player are needed for the video. 

If you would like to request A Trip to WakeMed, please complete the form.  One of our volunteers will be in touch with you to schedule a trip to WakeMed for your class.