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For more information about WakeMed ENERGIZE!, call 919-350-6550. To schedule an appointment, call 919-350-7000.

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About WakeMed's ENERGIZE! Educational Programming

Designed for children age 6-18, ENERGIZE! offers a family-centered approach to making healthy lifestyle changes. This program is the physical activity arm of the Pediatric Weight Management practice.  Patients will receive an initial health behavior evaluation as well as ongoing education and support. Based on need and motivation levels, each family will be enrolled in one of the following options:

  • A community-based, 12-week exercise and educational program that meets two times a week and includes group healthy lifestyle education and fitness programs
  • Individual medical nutrition therapy and healthy lifestyle education sessions, including individual meal and fitness plans


  • Predict risk: Identify children ages 6-18 with an elevated body mass index greater than 85th percentile who may be at risk for developing type 2 diabetes, prediabetes or cardiovascular disease
  • Provide family-centered healthy lifestyle education in a group or individual setting that positively impacts families' health behaviors
  • Prevent weight-related health problems through family support and sustainable lifestyle change
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Who We Are

Under the medical direction of Dr. Samareh Hill, director of WakeMed Physician Practices - Pediatric Weight Management, ENERGIZE! is taught collaboratively by dedicated WakeMed registered dietitians and clinicians and community fitness partners. Parks and Recreation is a WakeMed community health partner. The group program takes place at participating Triangle Parks and Recreation locations or community schools.

How it Works

All children and families who are interested in the ENERGIZE! Program are signed up within the Pediatric Weight Management Program. To schedule an appointment, please call the Pediatric Weight Management Program at 919-235-6439. We are no longer accepting direct referrals into the ENERGIZE! Program.


  • The average BMI of ENERGIZE! participants decreased or stayed the same over the course of 12 months.
    • BMI or Body Mass Index is a common measure used to assess body composition. 
  • Because weight loss in children is not the intended goal, maintaining BMI is a huge success.
  • Fasting blood glucose, total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, triglyceride, blood pressure measures improved for ENERGIZE! participants.
  • ENERGIZE! participants  increased muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility.
  • Both kids and their caretakers increased physical activity over the course of one year following ENERGIZE!
  • Families decreased their sweetened beverage consumption, saving on calories and money.
  • Families decreased their consumption of high fat snacks.
 Learn more about our success! 
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Start an ENERGIZE! Program in Your Community

If you are interested in starting and running an ENERGIZE! program in your community, please contact Julie Paul, RD, CDE, for more information: . 919-350-7594

WakeMed ENERGIZE! Wins Award from the American Hospital Association.

Comments from Families

"I have benefited from ENERGIZE! because now I know I can control what I do!  I eat more fruit, exercise more and drink a lot of water."
"I learned exercises you can do with or without equipment. I learned how to talk to my child about healthy meal choices. I learned to exercise until I sweat to get more benefit from my workout. I loved the family night activities and tasting the fruits and vegetables. This is a great program, I got a lot from it."

Community Partnerships

ENERGIZE! is proud to partner with community organizations, like Farm it Forward, to provide families with more opportunities to achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

Research Opportunities

Families enrolled in the ENERGIZE! Program may be asked at their initial visit if they would be interested in participating in ongoing research projects to assist in the advancement of the field of childhood obesity treatment and community partnerships.  These studies are completely voluntary, free, and confidential.  All medical information obtained as part of the studies will be kept anonymous and not linked to the participating child or family. 

Young woman adopts a healthy lifestyle through WakeMed's ENERGIZE! as a result of her participation in ENERGIZE!, Essence lost 44 pounds, discovered how fun Zumba can be, learned about healthy portions, and according to her foster mother, became a more confident person.Read about Essence's success with ENERGIZE! on our blog.
Essence Lee

For more information about WakeMed ENERGIZE! or to schedule an appointment with WakeMed Physician Practices — Pediatric Weight Management, please call 919-235-6439.

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