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Day Surgery: Take a Tour

WakeMed's Day Surgery Center offers pre-operative tours to help you prepare your child or teenager for surgery. 

The tour is both educational and interactive, allowing you and your child to become familiar with what to expect on the day of surgery.

These tours include a combination of teaching techniques such as a walking tour of pre-op and the recovery room, photos of the operating room, and learning about medical equipment, such as an anesthesia mask or IV.

Medical play with pretend or actual medical equipment may also be included depending on your child's age.

pediatric patient with anesthesia mask

Visiting the hospital before admission helps children and adolescents cope with their fears and anxiety. It can also assure them that there is a beginning and an end to a hospital stay.

Brothers, sisters and other family members are welcome on the tour.

For more information:

WakeMed Raleigh Campus: 919-350-7166
WakeMed Cary Hospital: 919-350-2437
WakeMed North Hospital: 919-350-1301