Chasing Zero: All Hands on Deck for Hand Hygiene

All Hands on Deck for Hand Hygiene!

Welcome to your online Chasing Zero Hand Hygiene Manager Toolkit. Here, you’ll find all the tools you need to get your team(s) on deck for focusing on hand hygiene – our first area of focus in support of our Chasing Zero journey.

We are asking ALL managers to select one of the following three activities by November 15 to get your department actively engaged in our hand hygiene efforts and our Chasing Zero journey. We’ll be tracking our participation rates using the entries made using this Web page – please be sure to make your selection by November 15.

Downloadable Resources


  • Hand Hygiene Toolkit Instructions
  • Hand Hygiene Fact Sheet
  • Hand Hygiene Quiz (printable)
  • Online Hand Hygiene Quiz (SurveyMonkey)
  • High 5 for Hand Hygiene Poster
  • Hand Hygiene Pledge Poster

Chasing Zero Hand Hygiene Mini Campaign Options

Select a Minimum of One Option Below


  1. Request a Hand Hygiene Demo Activity
    Details: How effective is your team’s hand washing? Schedule a fun and educational visit from Infection Prevention to test your staff’s hand washing technique.  We’ll have fun with either paint or GloGermTM and help staff understand the importance of thorough hand washing with a visual and interactive demonstration.
    Note: Demo requires a sink nearby so staff can wash their hands. Your unit break room is an ideal setting for the demo.
  2. Order a “Caught You Clean-Handed” Recognition Box
    Request a “Caught You Clean-Handed” Box for your unit(s).  This will allow everyone who enters your unit to recognize Hand Hygiene Heroes with a simple entry form located in a central area.
  3. Share My Department’s Hand Hygiene Spirit
    Show your department’s hand hygiene spirit! Create a poster, take a photo or film a short video with your staff promoting hand hygiene. (See Spirit Examples Below)

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Watch "Share My Department's Hand Hygiene Spirit" Examples

high-five-chasing-zero.jpg Scrubs Episode: “How Disease Spreads”

Do you remember NBC’s medical comedy, Scrubs? This clip from a 2006 episode is a great example of how quickly bacteria and viruses spread within Sacred Heart hospital, and how easy it is to get infected without even thinking about it.

"Stop the Spread of Infection: It's in Our Hands"

Video from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center tracks all of the people and surfaces healthcare personnel touch in one day, from the hand's point of view. This video took home first prize in 2016 at the Film Festival for the Conference of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology.

“Look at Me” (Hand Hygiene)

A music video from Anchorage-based Providence Health & Services Alaska on importance of hand hygiene and the proper way to wash hands, emphasizing time and steps (Wet, Lather, Scrub, Rinse, Dry).

“Hand Hygiene…We’re Still Not Perfect”

Video by Gundersen Health System, based in La Crosse, WI. With the help of finger paint, a group of physicians help visualize just how easily germs spread from your hands to…well, everywhere – and what the future could look like if hand hygiene doesn’t improve.