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Chasing Zero: All Hands on Deck for Hand Hygiene

All Hands on Deck for Hand Hygiene!

Welcome to your online Chasing Zero Hand Hygiene Manager Toolkit. Here, you’ll find all the tools you need to get your team(s) on deck for focusing on hand hygiene – our first area of focus in support of our Chasing Zero journey.

We are asking ALL managers to select one of the following three activities by November 15 to get your department actively engaged in our hand hygiene efforts and our Chasing Zero journey. We’ll be tracking our participation rates using the entries made using this Web page – please be sure to make your selection by November 15.

Chasing Zero Hand Hygiene Mini Campaign Options

Select a Minimum of One Option Below


  1. Nominate a Hand Hygiene Ambassador
    Details: Nominate a hand hygiene ambassador for your unit or department (eligible for NDPD credit) who can participate in a brief training with Infection Prevention and can then help spread the importance of hand hygiene in your area – a toolkit including  a hand hygiene presentation plus glo-germ lotion and black lights will be available to all areas.
  2. Order a “Caught You Clean-Handed” Recognition Box
    Request a “Caught You Clean-Handed” Box for your unit(s).  This will allow everyone who enters your unit to recognize Hand Hygiene Heroes with a simple entry form located in a central area.
  3. Share My Department’s Hand Hygiene Spirit
    Show your department’s hand hygiene spirit! Create a poster, take a photo or film a short video with your staff promoting hand hygiene. (See Spirit Examples Below)

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Watch "Share My Department's Hand Hygiene Spirit" Examples

high-five-chasing-zero.jpg These Hands are Made for Washing

Departments from the University of Kansas Hospital joined forces to the tune of “These Boots are Made for Walking…”

Hand Hygiene – Push It Dance

A short video from Plano Surgical Hospital. One department came up with a fun dance routine to increase hand hygiene awareness.

Hand, Hand Hygiene

A fun take on “Ice, Ice, Baby” by Vanilla Ice. Video by University Hospitals of Leicester in England.