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Pathology Call Center at 919-350-8242.

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Name of Test SoftLab Order Code Epic Order ID Collection Container
W001 IgE Ragweed Short RAGWE LAB3801 SST
W003 IgE Ragweed, Giant RAGG LAB3800 SST
W009 IgE Plantain Eng PLANT LAB3797 SST
W014 IgE Pigweed Common PIGWE LAB3796 SST
W018 IgE Sheep Sorrel SHPSO LAB3802 SST
WB, Reconstituted WBR LAB1721 Pink (EDTA)
WB, Reconstituted WBR LAB1721  
West Nile Virus Antibody Serum Ref Lab WNVAB LAB867 SST -(Gold Top Serum Separator Tube)
Wound Culture CXWND LAB503 Sterile container or E-Swab