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Welcome to the WakeMed Pathology Find A Test. If you encounter any problems or need assistance, please call the

Pathology Call Center at 919-350-8242.

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    Name of Test SoftLab Order Code Epic Order ID Collection Container
    Rabies Neutralizing Abs Titration RFFIT Ref Lab RABIE LAB854 SST -(Gold Top Serum Separator Tube)
    RBC RBC LAB295 Lavender (EDTA)
    Red Blood Cells RC LAB282 Pink (EDTA)
    Reducing Substance, Fecal RefLab FECRS LAB3721 Sterile container
    Renal Function Panel RENAL LAB3570 RST (Orange top - Rapid Serum Tube)
    Renin Activity and Aldosterone REALD LAB3263 SST -(Gold Top Serum Separator Tube) AND Lavender (EDTA)
    Renin, Plasma RENI LAB532 Lavender (EDTA)
    Reptilase Time, Ref Lab REPT LAB1136 Blue Top (Sodium Citrate - Light blue)
    Respiratory Culture CXRES LAB3012 Sterile container
    Respiratory Pathogen Panel by PCR RPPCR LAB3554 GeneXpert Nasopharyngeal Sample Collection Kit