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Find A Test

Welcome to the WakeMed Pathology Find A Test. If you encounter any problems or need assistance, please call the

Pathology Call Center at 919-350-8242.

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    Name of Test SoftLab Order Code Epic Order ID Collection Container
    B pertussis IgG Antibodies BPPTG LAB3094 SST -(Gold Top Serum Separator Tube)
    B pertussis IgG IgM IgA Ab Ref Lab BPGAM LAB3095 SST -(Gold Top Serum Separator Tube)
    B pertussis IgM Ab, Ref Lab BPERM LAB3096 SST -(Gold Top Serum Separator Tube)
    Babesia microti Antibody Panel Ref Lab BABES LAB3304 SST -(Gold Top Serum Separator Tube)
    Baclofen Lioresal Ref Lab BACLF LAB3097 Red (no gel)
    Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and Candida by PCR BDBVC LAB3739 BDMax Specimen Collection tube
    Bacterial Vaginosis BV by NAA BVNAA LAB1334 Aptima Swab -Orange or Purple
    Barbiturate, Urine Screen UBARS LAB365 Urine - Clear Top
    Bartonella Antibody Panel BARTQ LAB785 SST -(Gold Top Serum Separator Tube)
    Bartonella henselae DNA PCR, blood, Ref Lab BHBLD LAB3098 Lavender (EDTA) or ACD